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YVA presents an excellent opportunity for families to enjoy a degree of flexibility along with the many benefits of Yorktown teacher support.  As a public school virtual option, YVA allows for access to certified teachers and locally created content aligned to state standards.  A good fit can be found in YVA for those looking to branch out from traditional homeschool or the brick and mortar classroom.
To learn more from the YVA Coordinator, Rebecca Swander, You can watch a short video about our program. 
We also offer four YVA Informational Videos, specific to your student's grade level/building.
2024-2025 Application Process and Timeline of Implementation

Step 1:   The Interest Survey was to be completed by April 25. If you are interested after the deadline, please complete the new Interest Survey. 
Click HERE to fill out the interest survey. 
Families wishing to transfer must fill out the transfer paperwork. 
Click HERE to view the transfer steps and paperwork due by June 3 for grades 1-12 and April 14 for Kindergarten 

Step 2:  Attend a mandatory YVA parent informational Zoom session (see below for dates/times).  Zoom session attendance is required to be considered for acceptance into the program. Complete this Google Form to indicate when you will attend a Zoom Session. 
Zoom Sessions ID
Click HERE to join the Zoom session.

Zoom Session Dates/Times:
  • This will be scheduled with the YVA Coordinator, Rebecca Swander. 
Step 3:  The YVA Application was to be completed by May 8. If you are still interested in applying for YVA, please complete the Interest Survey and contact YVA Coordinator, Rebecca Swander. 
Step 4:  Families will be notified of acceptance and then must sign the YVA contracts and handbook agreement (linked below in the next section)
Contracts and Handbook Agreement 

These items must be completed upon acceptance into Yorktown Virtual Academy 
Click HERE to fill out the YVA handbook agreement 
Click HERE to fill out the student contract agreement 
Click HERE to fill out the learning coach agreement 
Further questions?
Reach out to YVA Coordinator: Mrs. Rebecca Swander, via email ([email protected]) or phone (765-759-2628)
Click HERE to follow Yorktown Virtual Academy on Twitter (@YorktownVirtual)