Health Services

Information and Commonly used Forms

Medication forms are required to be completed by a parent/guardian each school year for any medication that will need to be given at school.  All medication must be supplied from home and be unexpired in its original container.  Prescription medications are preferred to be brought to school by a parent or guardian.  For students who need to keep emergency medication like inhalers or Epi Pens with them, the Self-carry form must be completed by your child's physician.
Complete Immunization records are due upon enrollment to school.  Those students who do not have a completed immunization record may be excluded from school. Please contact your building's nurse if your child does not have a completed immunization record. 
Please utilize the Illness Guidelines below when determining if your child is well enough to attend school. 
Chronic Health Condition Forms
The following forms are used to create health and safety plans for students with chronic illness. Forms should be updated annually and when there is a change in your child's medical condition.  Please discuss plans for your child's medical care while at school with your building nurse before school starts each year.  
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